Jen’s had a passion to be a writer and editor ever since she could pick up a pencil! It all began with cartoon sketches and journal entries on good old-fashioned notebook paper. Not long after, her passion blossomed into more as she continued her education.

While attending college at the University of Colorado, Jen decided to jump into the communications field headfirst, since it provided a wider range of writing opportunities. Within months of attendance, Jen was able to secure a marketing blogger position at CU. This enabled her to further sharpen her communications, writing, editing, and SEO skills.

Upon getting a firm grasp at search engine optimization when editing blog posts, Jen’s passion for writing and editing grew. She’s secured several freelance content writing jobs over the past four years after her stint at CU Denver. She’s dabbled in several mediums, including product marketing campaigns, web pages, newsletters, landing pages, social media posts, press releases, digital ads, e-books, Wikipedia pages, e-commerce sites, and e-mail marketing campaigns for a range of niches. Topics ranged from marketing, business development, human resources, information and technology, health and medicine, botany, real estate, entertainment, outdoor gear and adventure, utilities, and cosmetics verticals.

As of today, Jen has over 7 years as a content writer, editor, and SEO. She’s always looking for additional freelance writing projects to grow her experience levels and skill set.


With a world advancing as quickly as ours, most businesses profit from someone who can adapt to change efficiently. Jen’s mission is to utilize her skills and resources to create compelling content that amplifies her client’s voice while attracting their target audience.

Her method of tackling unfamiliar projects involves diving headfirst into the knowledge pool. Here she’ll learn as much as she can by doing extensive research on the topic and utilizing the support and resources available. Jen isn’t afraid to ask questions and will never step away from a task until she finishes it. The right way. Regardless of how many cups of coffee it may take.

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